Health Systems and Registries

Primary Health Care Statistical Reports

PNIPH supports the Ministry of Health (MoH) in establishing an electronic platform for all Primary Health Care (PHC) Statistical reports and indicators at the directorate level using the globally recognized health information system DHIS2.

PNIPH started its initiative by conducting a comprehensive situation analysis assessment for PHC statistical reports for the period of June-December 2016. The assessment included several field visits and meetings with PHC directorates and central technical units, as well as the production of a technical report with solid recommendations to MoH.

Upon approval of the assessment by MoH, both the institute and the ministry agreed on creating the DHIS2 country team, which will be trained by University of Oslo to use, configure, upgrade, and customize the software DHIS2 as per the needs of the Palestinian health care system.

Using DHIS2, the currently-used Mother and Child Health (MCH) aggregated reports were launched, the MCH dashboard were built, and the MCH annual report of 2017 were issued; taking into consideration that all users including supervisors and statisticians were trained on the new platform.

Furthermore, Case Base Surveillance (CBS) for communicable diseases, ICD10 morbidity reports for General Practitioner (GP) clinics, and Health education and promotion forms were all finalized.

PNIPH will continue to finalize the rest of PHC services, computerizing more than 80 statistical reports and forms using DHIS2