Health Systems and Registries

Family Practice

Implementation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is an essential element of the healthcare system that aims to advance the well-being of Palestinians. With the generous support of the World Bank and the trust of the Ministry of Health, the Palestinian National Institute of Public Health (PNIPH) has been asked to implement several components of UHC to advance the agenda on a national scale. The work will address health financing, capacity building of the health workforce, and quality of care through the family practice reform system.

Health financing initiatives will provide policy options and frameworks, as well as a roadmap for universal health insurance. The health workforce component focuses on studying the labor market quantitatively and qualitatively, and supports the MoH and other partners in developing a national health workforce strategy.

Development of both health financing and workforce is linked to the family practice approach, which will be implemented in MoH primary health care facilities in the West Bank and Gaza. Implementation will be progressive, initially in three districts in the West Bank and select clinics in Gaza.

Family practice services are provided by family doctors, and supported by multidisciplinary teams. The approach is characterized by comprehensive, continuous, integrated, coordinated, collaborative, personal, family, and community-oriented services. It provides comprehensive medical and psychosocial care with an emphasis on integrated personal care within the family unit. The goal of the family practice model is to ensure high-quality primary care by creating the ideal conditions for improvement.

Additional initiatives that will be carried out as part of implementing the family practice model include:

• Selecting and training family practice teams and ensuring an effective management structure
• Building capacity of general practitioners in family practice
• Developing a patient information system to support the family file and guarantee a proper flow of work. Infrastructure and procurement of needed computers will be part of the enrolment plan.
• Focusing on the continuum of care through enhancing referrals and patient information management between primary health care facilities and the hospitals