Health Systems and Registries

Cause of Death e-Registry

The Cause of Death Registry is a vital national statistics database of deaths, underlying and contributing causes of death in Palestine. The database is located at the Palestinian Health Information Center at the Ministry of Health and was legally established in 1994 by the Civil Registration Law of 1966.

Based on the recommendations of the National Health Information System Assessment and Strategy conducted by MoH in 2010-2012, PNIPH had to intervene in order to:

• Improve the national database of mortality for planning purposes
• Modify the current death notification form
• Build the capacity of staff responsible for filling death notification forms.

As part of the improvement, several workshops and meetings were conducted to revise the death notification form (DNF). The form is now modified and standardized for both West Bank and Gaza. It is also printed and provided to all health facilities; noting that proper use of DNF is vital for legal, personal, and vital statistics purposes. Recently, PNIPH commenced the process of transforming DNF into an electronic platform using DHIS2 software.

PNIPH, in cooperation with WHO regional office, has used the software ANACONDA for quality assurance. Moreover, it maintained quality and sustainability of the registry through the following approaches:

• Designing standard operating procedures for the registry in Arabic and English.
• Developing a training manual to be used by medical schools
• Conducting several Training of Trainers (ToT) workshops and training sessions for doctors to improve quality of diagnosis.
• Assigning focal points of contact at MOH primary health care providers to attend regular meetings and make sure the registry is well-utilized.