PNIPH Starts an Initiative to Improve the National Road Traffic Database
last updated 09-03-2016

The Palestinian National Institute of Public Health (PNIPH), one of the World Health Organization’s projects, conducted a workshop that aims at improving the national road traffic database. This initiative is implemented for the first time in Palestine in order to unify the coding standards when registering road accidents.

Regarding this initiative, the PNIPH director Dr. Rand Salman said that this initiative comes as part of the institute’s rigorous research efforts to improve data used for decision making on the different national and institutional levels. She also pointed out that the expected results from this initiative is reaching a unified and accurate information that is credible enough to assist decision makers, especially those concerned about health policies, safety procedure and public safety on roads.

One of the most significant recommendations resulted from this workshop is to follow this initiative by another meeting that aims at setting the priorities of the different concerned parties when it comes to the road accidents data indicators, and assigning the role of each institution in this project.

The workshop was attended by representatives from different relevant institutions such as: Ministry of Health (Medical Institution department, Palestinian Health Information Center, and the general directorate of hospitals), in addition to the police from the ministry of interior, supreme traffic council from the ministry of transportation, emergency and medical services from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, the Eupol Copps, and the Palestinian Insurance Federation.    




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